Dessert Menu


Dessert Menu

Dessert - 8

Flourless Chocolate Cake:
with orange slices brulée

Profiteroles: vanilla ice cream, topped with chocolate sauce

Chocolate Mousse: blistered blueberries & whipped cream

Fresh Fruit Sorbet or Ice Cream: served with a biscotti

Oreo Cheesecake: drizzled with chocolate sauce

Nutella Crème Brulée: served with a biscotti

Monster Rum Raisin Bread Pudding: vanilla ice cream & caramel drizzle

Dessert Sampler for $15: chocolate mousse, profiterole, oreo cheesecake


3 for 15 | 5 for 20

with honeyed walnuts, fresh fruit, seasonal jam & toast points

Taleggio: is a meaty, nutty, slightly salty wonder. Made from pasteurized cow’s milk - Lombardia, Italy

Chaumes: A semi-soft cheese with a supple & springy texture. Complex in flavor, with a hazel-nutty finish. Made from pasteurized cow’s milk. - St. Antoine, France

Bayley Hazen Blue: Fudge-like texture, light peppery notes, grassy & nutty. Made from raw cow’s milk. - Vermont, USA

Humboldt Fog: Semi soft, with a vegetable ash, hints of herbaceous tones, floral notes fresh cream & buttermilk. Made with pasteurized goat’s milk - California, USA

Tickler Cheddar: Pleasantly playful & seriously sharp! Firm, salty, sweet & fruity. Made from pasteurized cow’s milk. - Devon, England

Liquid Dessert

Kobrick’s “Broadway Blend” -
Cold Brew “Grady’s” - 4
Espresso “Tiger Stripe” - 3/5
Cappuccino - 5/8
Latte -
Delamain Cognac - 10
Pierre Ferrand 1er Cru Cognac - 12
Sempe VSOP Armagnac - 10
Larressingle VSOP Armagnac - 10
Gran Duque Dalba - 9
Courvoisier - 12
Remy VSOP - 12
Remy 1738 - 14
Port & Fortified Wine
Brodbent Madeira 5yr - 6
Graham “Six Grapes” - 7
Quinta do Crasto LBV 2000 - 9
Warre’s Otima 10yr Tawny - 10
Quinto Do Vallado 20yr Tawny - 20
Pineau des Charentes - 8
Lustau “East India Solera” Sherry - 10


Moscato Oro Cleopatra - 12
Milla Camomile by Marolo - 12

Dessert Wines - 10 (3oz)

Michele Chiarlo, Moscato Di Asti
Frost Bitten Ice Wine
Chateau Suduirant, Sauterns 2007

LAMBICS - 11 (12oz)

Lindemans Framboise
Lindemans Pomme
Lindemans Peche

CORDIALS - 10(3oz)

Irish Crème
Godiva Mocha
Fratelli D’ Italia Amaretto
Meletti Sambuca
Luxardo Limoncello
Licor 43
Tia Maria
Fernet Branca
Ratafia Walnut Liqueur
Grand Marnier
Harvey’s Bristol Cream
Contratto Bitters
La Pinta
Nonino Amaro
Montinegro Amaro

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